all squares are size 4x4 inches (10x10 cm)

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Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

wednesdaystamper "gone fishing"

yes, i know, "gone fishing" does not necessarily ask for fishes;)
but: immediately this weird song popped in my head - "fish heads" by barnes and barnes.
you don´t know it? you must listen to it... it´s too silly... and i warned you: you will humm it all day long... (i do...)

Fish heads fish heads
Roly poly fish heads
Fish heads fish heads
Eat them up

In the morning laughing happy fish heads
In the evening floating in the soup

Ask a fish head anything you want to
They won't answer they can't talk

I took a fish head out to see a movie
Didn't have to pay to get it in

They can't play baseball they don't wear sweaters
They're not good dancers they don't play drums

Roly poly fish heads are never seen
Drinking cappuccino in Italian restaurants
with Oriental women



Hermine hat gesagt…

Cool!!! love the colours you have used.

belindaschneider hat gesagt…

neh neh, fishköpfe kommen mir nicht auf den teller geschweige denn in den mund!!! schöne seite aber!!

Zuzu's Blog hat gesagt…

I love the work you have done on the background. and great colours.

Marilyn Rock hat gesagt…

Your backgrounds are always so yummy. This is a terrific piece! Love it!

Femmy hat gesagt…

great fishhead!! love it!!

~*~Patty hat gesagt…

You are too funny Johanna, I just woke up and now YES I have fish heads in my brain!
Really fun and colorful piece!

Sandy hat gesagt…

Na wie immer Johanna, es passt.
Klasse Square.

Faye hat gesagt…

Johanna, this is so very funny! And I love the gorgeous colors.

Vicky hat gesagt…

great card ...great sentiment ...love that funny song :)

Amy hat gesagt…

really cool fish head..I love fishy eye's