all squares are size 4x4 inches (10x10 cm)

this blog might be a bit neglected at the moment, as i´m working on an altered book quite the same style as these squares... so you better visit my main blog mixedmediafun for more posts... thank you!

Freitag, 30. April 2010

4x4 friday - beltane

there are some common roots in beltane and walpurgis night (more common here)... i chose to concentrate on witches
es gibt ja gemeinsame wurzeln zwischen dem heidnischen frühjahrs- und fruchtbarkeitsfest beltane und der bei uns gebräuchlicheren walpurgisnacht... ich hab mich mal auf die hexen konzentriert...

Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

piece of the day...

Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

wednesdaystamper / 3-muses

i love this grungy circles - stamp from tim holtz (by stampers anonymous),
and the music sheet qualifies it for 3-muses

Dienstag, 27. April 2010

crazy amigo challenge "birds"

birds are the new theme at crazy amigos...

Montag, 26. April 2010

Sonntag, 25. April 2010

darkness inspiration: "bewitched"

for the next two weeks at darkness inspiration
the theme is bewitched

Samstag, 24. April 2010

lots-to-do-challenges: "trees / leaves"

find all the entries to this challenge here.

Freitag, 23. April 2010

piece of the day...

Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

theme thursday - "black and red"

black and red predominantly is the current theme, so just ignore the little yellow;)

Mittwoch, 21. April 2010

wednesdaystamper / 3-muses

wednesdaystamper challenges us to go up in the sky

hats & crowns & wings & things are the options at the 3-muses- challenge

Dienstag, 20. April 2010

crazy amigos / created byhand

flowers is the theme at crazy amigos,
for the beauty of the earth at created byhand challenge...

Montag, 19. April 2010

mixed media monday: " look what i found"

recently i found the old pictures of ultrasound scannings of my pregnancies... brought back quite some memories... now this pic is a cutout from a magazine, mine were b/w...

and the "13" qualifies it for the current created-by-hand-challenge, too...

Sonntag, 18. April 2010

sunday stampers: free theme

theme at sunday stampers for the next two weeks is free...

Samstag, 17. April 2010

lots-to-do-challenges: "alcohol inks"

this background square was laying around here for ages! i had made it with alcohol inks in the spin&splash technique long ago... and did not know what to do with it. so yesterday i thought: "it´s now or never", either i try to make something with it or i´ll toss it... i don´t love the colors very much actually. then i added that raven stamp from gpp, a postal stamp picturing e.a. poe and the little scrap with the custom made stamp "nevermore". i can´t say i really love this piece... i think i won´t make many spin&splash cards in the future... playing with this technique is fine, but using up the papers afterwards somehow is not my thing...

Freitag, 16. April 2010

4x4 friday - spring garden

i just planted some poppies in my garden a few days ago and i hope they will grow. i love them in all stages...

Donnerstag, 15. April 2010

theme thursday - "hats or crowns"

"lurchi" is the advertising comic character of the german Salamander shoe factories. he is wearing shoes of course and (sometimes) a (tyrol) hat, as you can see on this picture. he was very popular in my childhood and i still have a rubber figure of lurchi which is very flexible, so you can put him into every position.

Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

wednesdaystamper "wild animals"

wild animals have their lazy moments, too...

the 3 muses - "maps"

the map of old egypt - stamp is from toybox rubberstamps

Dienstag, 13. April 2010

crazy amigo challenge "favorite background stamp"

i absolutely love to take this medieval script stamp (from gpp) for backgrounds - here with white brilliance pad stamped on blue.

Montag, 12. April 2010

mixed media monday: "hello dolly"

"oh love without borders" is the title of the song on the scrap right side... she looks a bit sceptical, don´t you think;) found the picture of the old doll face in the internet

"oh liebe ohne schranken" heißt das lied... sie sieht etwas skeptisch drein, finde ich;) hab das alte puppengesicht im internet gefunden

Sonntag, 11. April 2010

darkness inspiration: "on the graveyard"

rubber stamps are from gpp (blood, graveyard), om (crow skeleton), tim holtz (staples) and the rest from ma vinci

Samstag, 10. April 2010

lots-to-do-challenges: "embossing"

bought a bigshot about 3 weeks ago... always thought "i don´t need this machine" - but then... i´m often sort of behind something;)
well, it opens totally new possibilities...
for this challenge i used the cuttlebug embossing folder "friends forever", wiped a green stamp pad over the embossed umbels and just love this effect!
rubberstamps are (as mostly) from ma vinci.

Freitag, 9. April 2010

piece of the day...

vielleicht passt es ja zum aufkommenden thema bei darkness inspiration, mal sehen...

Donnerstag, 8. April 2010

theme thursday - "miniature art"

theme thursday wants to see some miniature art, not bigger than 3x3 inches. so i incorporated two mini-skinnies (about 1,7 x 2,8 inch) on this square. plant stamp on the background is from red castle, numbers stamp from paper artsy, the two text stamps are custom made.

Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

wednesdaystamper "trees"

stamps: numbers are from above the mark and trees from paperbag studios

the 3 muses - "blackbirds"

for three muses challenge... black birds...

Dienstag, 6. April 2010

created byhand challenge: fool me twice

fooling others by visual mimicry (camouflage etc) is a common occurrence in nature...
here the sides of the frog look like leaves...

Montag, 5. April 2010

sunday stampers: lace

it all started cheating;)... i´m not so much a "lacy" person that i would have much of lace laying around... and if you know me: the biggest part of my creations ends up in "something nature"... so i went through my scraps and found - well, a pic of queen-anne´s-lace;) ... botanical name daucus carota or wild carrot... i love these umbel weeds!
now, in the end i actually stumbled upon a lace rubber stamp;) [see at right] - it is one from my early grabbags from 100 proof press, must be older than 10 years and has probably never been used before;)

Sonntag, 4. April 2010

happy easter!

to all my blogreaders :)

Samstag, 3. April 2010

sunday stampers: birds

well, kind of last minute... this week at sunday stamper was the birds theme - another favorite one...

the words translate: "look into my eyes"...

Freitag, 2. April 2010

4x4 friday - mail art

mail art for sure is one of my favorite themes...

Donnerstag, 1. April 2010

theme thursday - "favorite letter"

i chose to take the "O" in olive oil, because there is a multiple repetition of this letter in the shape of all the olives i stamped in the background;)